Do you want to heal your broken heart?

Do you want to recover?

Do you believe recover from the pain is possible?

I hope you said YES to Recovery.

But even if you do not believe that recovery is possible keep reading.

Not everyone does, and that’s okay. We are all on own unique path as we learn to live with the death of someone we love and other heartbreaks in life.

If even a small part of you believes that recovery can occur after loss, I hope you choose to keep an open mind and choose yes! I am certain you will have a fulfilling life beyond grief if that is what you intend.

I believe recovery from loss is possible. I’ve done it, others have done it, and you can too. It’s not easy and is the hardest thing you’ll likely ever go through. With heartbreak, you may feel as if there is a huge knife sticking out of your heart. No one is talking about the knife. All you have is this pain.

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Remember, time will not heal this pain. I know that friends and family are telling you. Just give it time!

It is the action within time that will heal this pain. Being new to grief, you may think it is something that just descends on you and at some point, goes away with no action on your part. However, grief is not passive. Grief is cumulative and cumulatively negative.

Recovery does happen…when you walk the steps and take the action needed to complete the pain in your heart. Don’t feel as if you need to go through this alone. Sometimes it is OK to say that you need a guide. Someone who has walked this very path

Below is the first step I recommend to clients. I want to share it with you to get YOU on the path of healing…

Accept your feelings are normal and natural. The problem is that we have been socialized to believe that these feelings are abnormal and unnatural.

These Myths are not true

Myths about grief:

⦁ Time heals all wounds
⦁ Replace the loss
⦁ Grieve alone
⦁ Be strong for others
⦁ Bury your feelings
⦁ Get over it!

It’s safe to say that grievers are often a forgotten part of our society. Their wounds are not obvious to the unexpected observer and their emotional needs are frequently ignored. While no one would ever tell someone with a broken leg to “be strong and get over it,” those with broken hearts are regularly offered this suggestion. Also, realize that maybe you need help to do this “recovery” thing properly.

People say you must let go and move on in your life, but they don’t tell you what you need to do to accomplish that. The Grief Recovery Method® not only makes that possible, but provides partnerships and guidance to ensure that it happens.

About Sharon Brubaker

Grief is individual and unique for every person. A person’s relationship to each aspect of their life is also unique. As such, the feelings and thoughts each person will have about the relationship that has been altered by death, divorce, or other reasons requires customized attention using proven skills and understanding.

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