She is not your friend

She will come in like a thief in the middle of the night

Most days you will hate her so much

You will do everything you can to avoid her

There are days when you will think you need her

Trust me I know

Some days you will hold on to her so tight because she is familiar

She reminds you of him

She is all you have left of him


She can be very deceitful

She sneaks in when you least expect her

Some days you will think you are doing ok….

Then out of nowhere she hits you upside the head


She will rob you of your friends

She will take your money and your time

Even family will not get your relationship with her

They made her go away

Why can’t you

Many of them will think you have left them, for her

They try to help you and fix you

They don’t know that you are not broken

They don’t understand.  You are just grieving


My friend you don’t need her.  You go though her.


Grief is to be experienced.

Grief is not a place to stay.

She is not the person you will be with forever.  ~ Sharon


Painting By: Kayla Burch  (Donovan and Austin’s Sister)