This seems like a simple question.

The truth is so many of us cannot answer it.

Feelings my friends and emotions go together like peanut butter and jelly.

It is the contrast of salty and sweet.

It is the contrast of positive and negative feelings that makes all feeling even possible.

Feelings Definition: a sensation experienced through a sense.

Feelings positive and negative are a part of our human experience here on earth.

If we only experience positive emotion all of the time, we would not even know it was positive.

We would not be able to distinguish beauty without ugly or sad without happy.

So, here you are in your first grieving experience and it hurts. There are a ton of negative

emotions that rush your heart all at once.

Because we are not used to feeling the negative emotions, we do the number one thing we know how

to do and we try to avoid them.

Friends the emotions that we tend to avoid are the same emotions we need to work through

and allow to get the results we want. True grief healing.

Let us explain…..

Often, we need to allow emotions that we would normally resist or avoid. This is incredibly

important because the negative effect of avoiding and resisting emotion is unnecessary and

can prolongs the grieving experience.

For me fear was the emotion that I did not want to feel.

After Austin died there was this fear in my heart.

And I kept pushing it away like it was not there.

But every time it came up it seemed to be heavier and stronger. I

t got to the point that the fear was controlling me.

I did not want to think about the pain or of Austin because I would become so scared.

Sacred for my own children and my husband.

I was fearful that I would never be able to move past this pain.

It was in doing my much-needed grief work that I was able to conquer this fear for myself.

I learned how to allow my fear.  Be with it.

Friends, I have a question for you: What emotion or feelings are you avoiding today in your grief?

~ Sharon